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Lockheed Martin's three interactive online talent communities allow for peer-to-peer interaction, knowledge sharing, problem-solving, career guidance, technical guidance and a chance to experience content such as webinars, tech talks and interactive hiring events, exclusively for members only.

To become a member choose the community best suited for your career aspirations. If you're an early-career engineer looking to take the next step in your career, Engineering Connect is the place for you. Or are you interested in connecting with the greatest cyber minds in the industry? Then Cyber Connect is your community. Perhaps you're a transitioning Military and are ready to enter the civilian workplace, if so, Military Connect has you covered. 

Click the appropriate link below and begin or continue you're career journey with Lockheed Martin.

Engineering Connect


Whether you are an entry-level engineer, an experienced engineer, a college student or an intern – your membership will offer you access to:

Engineering Insights: firsthand knowledge from leading Lockheed Martin engineers, top engineering professors and industry thought leaders.
Tech Briefings/Online Events/Webinars: technical demonstrations, knowledge sharing, career advice and more from industry-leading engineers and career coaches in the engineering field.
Campus2Career Career Guidance: learn how to take control, market, manage and execute engineering job searches for your engineering career.
Peer Networking: communicate in real-time with fellow engineers.
Daily Curated Content: relevant engineering topics and early-career advice for the engineering field of your choice.


Cyber Connect


This interactive online community showcases Lockheed Martin as a global leader delivering full spectrum cyber capabilities, and offers access to our cyber experts, current cyber job openings, continued training, webinars, tech-talks, mentoring and continued learning.


Military Connect

Whether you’re on active duty, transitioning or already embarking on your civilian career, Lockheed Martin’s Military Connect is your online community for professional support. You’ll find many resources available to you, including:

• Guidance on what to expect after re-entering the civilian workforce, and what to consider when deciding whether or not to make the transition
• Expert tips on everything from resume writing to how to perform during an interview
• Coaching, mentorships and career direction advice
• Peer-to-peer support
You can follow topics and community members who interest you to stay up to date on the latest insights and information. Make changes at any time to adjust your preferences.


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    Currently looking for new opportunities. My name is TJ Snyder and I am a Veteran of the United States Air Force. Separated honorably back in 2014 and went into the oil and gas industry. I have unfortunately been laid off twice due to the market collapse ...

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    I wanted to cut to the chase to introduce myself and i figured that my cover letter (recently updated) has captured who I am. I am going to share that here so it might seem rehearsed, it is (see below). I am currently working for BAE Systems, they are ...

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    Thanks Bryan

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    Dominique, here's a couple thoughts to help you keep perspective of the current job search situation, it's rough out here. 1. Companies (recruiters/hiring managers, etc...), to include major defense contractors, have prejudices and misconceptions against ...

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